"The Tile Workshop”,was born after the work of Françoise Schein in Rio de Janeiro started in 1999. Schein has created a tile workshop to able the production ofe her own major project such as Copacabana, Vidigal and 5 favelas artorks, all around Rio de Janeiro. Lead by Laura taves , the Azulejaria is the continuation of Schein's ceramic atelier, by women who were participants of her previous works.

Today the Tiles Workshop" combines artistic production, training and social activism in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its workforce is made of several craftswomen who come together aiming at broadening their artistic horizons and establishing a closer relationship with the city and its artistic expression, transforming these experiences in art objects and murals as a result from a learning process.


Its objectives is to provide to the people training of craft while learning brazilian cultural and creating works of art. Its methodology succeeds also in the educational transmission to others: the artisans have become teachers themselves for other social projects. All these projects have been exhibited in various exhibition spaces.