Place de la République, Metz . A collaboration with the office of Seraji architects et Charles Dard - paysagiste

Assistant architecte Nils Lebot.

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A project engaged into a contemporary representation of the European Union geography and philosophy.




Some very singular facts have oriented our proposal: Robert Schuman, who was one of the founder figure of the early European Union, was a native of the city of Metz that is located on the border between France and Germany and that has been integrated within both countries at different periods of time. 


Schein’ specific landscape design proposal uses the city’s political history, transforming borders, territories and texts of the law into lights, public benches, pavements and architectonic walls creating a total environment for a new European ‘Nature/Culture’ symbolic design .

Ground design
Within the pavements and the lawn the european borders form particular irregular lines of stainlesss steel and lights.


Digitalized glass walls: A large digitalized glass wall is designed accross the public garage entrance. The entire text of the Fudamental Chart appears in a digital form through the glass.




© Copyright Françoise Schein, Bureau Seraji et Association Inscrire 2009